Levi Leipheimer’s shoes. A first name in cycling.

Levi's reading shoes.

Maybe things aren’t so nicey-nicey on Radio Shack. Maybe the boss is always stealing Leipheimer’s shoes. Another explanation may be that the Santa Rosa rider is absent-minded.

It could conceivably be a motivational tool to keep Levi focused on the task at hand — with every pedal revolution another graphic reminder — Levi pedal, Levi, pedal.

Whatever the reason, Radio Shack’s Levi Leipheimer is ready to put his foot down in this year’s Tour of California.

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2 Responses to “Levi Leipheimer’s shoes. A first name in cycling.”

  1. From the toes to the nose, Levi seems to be in control. Nice post.

  2. Whatever the reason those slippers and U-G-L-Y!

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