Lane Armstrong auditioning for Die Hard 6 movie?

//Lane Armstrong auditioning for Die Hard 6 movie?

Lane Armstrong auditioning for Die Hard 6 movie?

Die Hard with the Boss?

Burning Hollywood question: was it a mountain bike crash or a screen test for an action movie?

Right after retired and banned pro cyclist Lance Armstrong crashed hard, he posted a graphic picture of his bloody, ripped up face on his Instagram account.

Was that a little social media moment for his 3.41 million followers or a hint of something bigger? Rumors are now circulating that the photo of Armstrong is a tease for his surprise role in Die Hard 6, the Bruce Willis action movie series.

As he ages, the 46 year old Armstrong is looking more and more like the older Willis. Could this be the start of a new career for the Texan, who is still serving a lifetime ban from the sport of cycling?

“Lance loves the big stage and he’d love working with Willis,” says Hollywood agent and insider Dylan Smerks. Maybe this is one of those little viral deals and we find out later Lance really is bruised and bloodied in the film.”

Before his ignominious and extraordinary fall from grace, Armstrong had talked of running for political office. However, his doping past seemed to put an end to those hopes. However, a fresh start working with Willis could be just the thing to get himself back in the public eye — in a positive way.

“People love Willis. If Lance can be part of Die Hard 6, battle it out with the bad guys and maybe rescue some women and children, that would be huge for his popularity,” said Smerks. “You know Lance would kill to work with director Len Wiseman — who did Live Free or Die Hard.”

Was this Image of Armstrong an attempt to show he was ready to play a tough — and bloodied — action hero in the Willis film? Is Armstrong already cast in a role?

At this point, nobody knows for sure.


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