Froome wants ashes spread on Tour de France mountain. Which one?

//Froome wants ashes spread on Tour de France mountain. Which one?

Froome wants ashes spread on Tour de France mountain. Which one?

Where to, Chris?

Apparently, according to an interview today with the Daily Mail UK, superstar cyclist Chris Froome would like his ashes sprinkled on some mountaintop that’s part of the Tour de France route.

Which obviously begs the question, which mountain? Will the reigning Tour champion and four time winner, opt for the Alps or the Pyrenees or think out of the box with something in the Massive Central? It’s a tough call, really, and you’d have to think the Briton would opt for the higher profile mountains?

So what will it be, Chris, where, exactly, shall you final powdery remains be ceremoniously cast out? Will it be the classic and iconic mountains such as Alps d’Huez and Mont Ventoux? Are we talking about the summit or can we think abut scenic spots further down the climb, say a few kilometers from the peak where the attacks are usually launched?

If we’re talking about the famous hairpins of the Alps d’Huez, did you have a particular corner in mind? It seems likely we can rule out Dutch corner just on cultural grounds and really, weren’t they throwing urine and beer and used syringes on you as you went by that one year? Hardly what we’d call an ideal and relaxing resting place. Perhaps best to fling the ash over on the Col d’Izoard and not share the space with those other riders that are named on the corner plaques for the Alpe.

Rather deposit your ashes in the Pyrenees? A bit closer to the crazy Basque fans with the kalimotxo and tapas and off-kilter singing? Certainly a more entertaining spot for spending your eternity? You really can’t go wrong with the Tourmalet or the Galibier. We could find you a nice location with a breathtaking view and spread your post-cycling dust around. Beautiful there, it really is.

Daily Mail

Are you dead set on the high mountains? I mean, once you come out of the oven, nothing but a canister of gray dust, should we not widen the possibilities? What about that airfield above Mende? Really a pretty locale, very photogenic, you could do a lot worse.

And how about the Mur de Bretagne? You were pretty good on that short, punchy climb. It certainly doesn’t have the symbolism or cache of the Alps and Pyrenees but if your’e looking for a quiet, peaceful resting place, that’s the ticket. They love their cycling in Brittany — I’m sure Bernard Hinault would stop by once a year to pay his respects — should you precede him in death.

Ahh, France is so beautiful, as you know so well, It’s a difficult choice and we wouldn’t rule out some of the more picturesque towns and cities that form part of the history of the Tour. Lyon is the food capital of France — who wouldn’t want to be sprinkled there, like salt and pepper? Montpellier is exceptional and you could leave a portion of your dust in several of the more well-known squares.

As a final option, have you thought about Lourdes? Often called the Miracle capital of France, Lourdes might just be perfect as a setting for your ashes. We said miracles and really, think about the possibilities. Perhaps, somehow, someway, you rise again from the ashes to win yet another Tour de France?

Final question: would you like your Pinarello cremated with you? It seems like a thoughtful addition.




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