Ferrari says mechanical doping like orange juice.

//Ferrari says mechanical doping like orange juice.

Ferrari says mechanical doping like orange juice.

Reprising his 1994 quote about EPO being no more dangerous than orange juice, the infamous Dr Michele Ferrari has created yet another controversy.

Speaking with Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, the former doctor of Lance Armstrong said that mechanical doping is like drinking orange juice.

“Cheating is a wonderful beverage like orange juice. I like to start every morning with orange juice and eggs and cheating,” said Ferrari. “Pharmaceutical doping, mechanical doping, they are both delicious.”

Ferrari’s quotes come just days after investigative journalists Thierry Vildary and Marco Bonarrigo claimed to have uncovered evidence of hidden motors during Strade Bianche and Coppi e Bartali races.

Ferrari is not surprised about the revelations. “People like orange juice and cheating. EPO is no more dangerous than drinking ten liters of orange juice and mechanical doping is as fun as an extra 25 watts.”

While many critics and sports officials in cycling are calling for a lifetime ban for anyone caught using mechanical doping, Ferrari is against the idea. “Would you put someone in jail for drinking orange juice? If you point a heat gun at a glass of orange juice, what happens? If I hit a man by running him over with motorized bicycle while drinking orange juice, am I a murderer,” said Ferrari, making less and less sense.

Ferrari continues to poke and insult the Italian authorities over their inability to effectively ban him from working with athletes. In a new claim, he hinted that Lance Armstrong might have used a hidden motor back in 2005.

“Lance was on the full program, lots of orange juice — he would take a shower in orange juice — and we had a little something that went zoom-zoom in the bottom bracket,” said Ferrari. “Orange juice is a state of mind where cheating is honest and honest is cheating. I get confused myself.”

Ferrari insisted that orange juice and mechanical doping are really the same thing. “One is hidden in the bike frame, one comes in a glass. One gives off heat, the other gives off an orange color. I’m insane. I have underwear with drawings of oranges on them,” said Ferrari, growing increasingly agitated and bizarre.











“EPO is not dangerous, it’s the abuse that is. It’s also dangerous to drink 10 liters of orange juice”

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