Prada fashion brand to buy Bianchi?

Prada. Bike fashion brand?

Prada. Bike fashion brand?

Not to be outflanked by famous fashion brand Louis Vitton’s plan to buy the iconic Italian bike company Pinarello, Prada announced they will purchase Bianchi.

Analysts and industry expires were quick to see a trend developing. “Everybody wants in on the bike action. It’s like golf used to be only the bikes are five, ten grand. That is a high fashion market,” said Erick Bennett, a consultant with Forwards Brands. “Prada doesn’t want to get left behind holding Louis Vitton’s luggage.”

In fact, the fashion brand expansion into the world of high end cycling is sending shock waves through the designer houses in Milan, Paris, London and Tokyo. Designers who usually obsess over fabrics and textures are now wondering if the hottest runaway is now a bike path.

If unconfirmed reports are to be believed, Dolce & Gabbana are exploring the possibility of buying Cannondale while French brand Hermes has apparently put in a bid to acquire Trek Bicycle. “It’s crazy and totally strange, “said Trek spokesman, Travis Mickelburg, “We’re from Wisconsin, we wear bike stuff, I don’t even have a suit in my closet.”

The most obvious holdout among the bike brands has been Specialized. The Morgan Hill, California company has so far turned down attractive offers from Fendi, Giorgio Armani and Dior. “Yeah, no, we’re not going down that route with those fashion guys,” said Trek PR rep Dan Ortega. “That would be stupid on our part. Fashion models don’t win Paris-Roubaix.”

One bike brand left out of the fashion takeover is Felt. “Oh many, if Gucci bought us that would be so Gucci, you know what I mean?” said head designer Craig Alford. “I mean we’re Felt, that says fabric to me, touch tactile. We should call Gucci and see if we can get something going. I love their $1,850 messenger bags. Maybe we could do a trade, huh?”






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