E3 goes cowgirl crazy. Harelbeke hotties!!!

//E3 goes cowgirl crazy. Harelbeke hotties!!!

E3 goes cowgirl crazy. Harelbeke hotties!!!

Slap my butt

You have to hand it to the crazy sexist folks who run the E3 Harelbeke bike race. They’ve consistently focused their posters on showcasing naked women and tight butts in tighter panties. They have a theme and they just run with it year after year.

For the 2018 edition, they put together a Wild West launch event with two seductive dancers who went through a series of sex dance moves includes slapping each other’s asses and sliding their hands suggestively down along their breasts and hips.

We’re not exactly sure what this has to do with a bike race but that’s never stopped E3 Harelbeke. In the year of #metoo and Donald Trump’s lawyer paying off strippers and porn stars, these guys are full gas on the sexy babes and damn the media storm.

On the flip side, we will admit it was more entertaining than listening to a scientific explanation of the rate at which salbutamol is released by the liver.

It’s all right here in, the hotties of E2 Harelbeke. 





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