Bouhanni punches way out of Tour de France

//Bouhanni punches way out of Tour de France

Bouhanni punches way out of Tour de France

At this point, three days before the Tour de France, you can call Nacer Bouhanni plenty of things: moron, jackass, clueless and selfish would be a good start.

Thanks to his colossal stupidity in injuring his hand by punching a noisy hotel guest in the mouth, he will not take the start in Normandy for his home grand tour, his biggest objective of the year and his Cofidis team’s highest priority race.

You can’t really get any dumber than that.

A serial hothead, Bouhanni put his skills as an amateur boxer to work and knocked himself out of Le Tour. Now, an entire Cofidis squad, built completely around supporting Bouhanni in the sprints, is left headless and with zero hope of a result. Nice job, Nacer.

It’s an astonishing act of rash behavior from Bouhanni. The week before the Tour is about resting, taking it easy, avoiding contact with anyone who’s sick. Getting in a bar-room style brawl with loud hotel guests who are interrupting your sleep is just not something you do. Get another room, call the manager, find another hotel, do not put your fist into their mouth so hard you crack a their tooth and infect your hand.

Did we say stupid?

Earlier this year he got into an altercation with a jewelry shop employee in Nancy, France. One media report had him screaming “You do not know who I am! I’m a Nancy millionaire.” There were apologies on both sides of that story but it certainly illustrates his fiery personality. Cavendish threw a few helmets in his day but Bouhanni amps the anger up even higher.

Boxed out

Bouhanni is well known for his boxing talent and it was our contention that his Cofidis sprint train was taking on his pugilistic skills. In the recent Critérium du Dauphiné, his boys went head-to-smacking head, and the video brought back the days of Renshaw, the Bulldog of Bathurst, doing the dirty work for Cav.

In the lead-up to the Tour de France, Bouhanni got himself a new helmet with a picture of Muhammed Ali and the words “NB Fight.” The trouble is that Bouhanni couldn’t wait until Le Grand Départ to start punching. Sadly, in a rare display of boxing, he knocked himself.

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