Zenni. The amazing $32 dollar cycling eyewear

//Zenni. The amazing $32 dollar cycling eyewear

Zenni. The amazing $32 dollar cycling eyewear

Zenni cycling sunglasses


We all know how beautiful and cool and techno most cycling eyewear has become. And mostly we know how expensive it is — $100 to $200 and up. That’s borderline crazy. No, actually, it’s straight up crazy.

I’m going to suggest an alternative for those of us to fall into certain categories: Not born fabulously rich, no inheritance, mortgage to pay, kids to fund for college, prefer to put limited funds into new bike.

For all those people — and those who just struggle with the moral implications and out-of-whack priorities of paying obscene amounts of money — I offer up one piece of singular advice: Zenni.

Zenni is a California online prespecrition eyewear company that has managed to reduce the costs of eyewear to an amazing degree. They have frames that start at $6.95 and most frames are under $35. That’s before lens, tints, coatings, polarization, etc etc. They also have a line of incredible affordable sunglasses

This week they’ve lunched a line of athlete eyewear with your wallet in mind. I plan of buying a pari and testing it out but already have a pair of their prescription eyewear and it’s as optically perfect as my overpriced glasses from the optician.

Now, full disclosure — Zenni is a company I work with for my day job as brand writer. But I can tell you from digging into the company and understanding their business model (web only, full vertical integration) that the attention to detail and quality is there. The Zenni factory in China uses the exact same super high end German and Italian lens crafting machinery used by those way over-priced designer brands in Europe.

In any case, an affordable option worth checking out.


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