Miche-Guerciotti. Rock Racing, Italian style.

//Miche-Guerciotti. Rock Racing, Italian style.

Miche-Guerciotti. Rock Racing, Italian style.

Miche has a Niche.

Somewhere Michael Ball is smiling.

Even in doping, there is balance, equilibrium, a staus quo to be maintined. Certainly that’s the case at the new incarnation of Rock Racing, the pro continental Miche – Guerciotti team.

One doper out, another in. Pasquale Muto tests positive for EPO and is out, Davide Rebellin, coming off his two year doping suspension, is in. Welcome Dave, here, take Muto’s jersey, he’s not gonna need it. A chapeau with a syringe sticking in it!

Mr. Muto tested positive for EPO following the Giro dell’Appennino on April 10. Rebellin, now a creaky 39, tested postive for old age, lies and cyniscism. Still, the Miche team, which also welcmomed doper and Danish butball Michael Rasmussen back to bike racing, continues to function as a half-way house for needle abusers. This would be a fun team to hotel search.

In a bit of irony, the Miche – Guerciotti website will not load because it’s “in fase di aggiornamento” — which roughly translates as “updating.” More like figuring out what the hell to say to the cycling world about their zero tolence policy.

Rebellin will be joining soul mate Stefan Schumacher, who also returned a positive test for CERA at Beijing in 2008. It’s a shame Danilo di Luca is riding for free at Katusha because really, he belongs at this party.

According to the UCI regulations, Miche – Guerciotti is listed as a pro continental team. Correction: pro doping team.

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