Is Phil Liggett God?

///Is Phil Liggett God?

Is Phil Liggett God?

Is it possible Phil is God? Yes.

Is it possible that Phil Liggett is in fact, God?

Phil sees all and knows all (especially during the cycling season)

His is the voice of cycling, the races are his sermons, the booth is his pulpit.

He is forgiving and gentle yet stern when the First Commandment of Cycling is broken: thou shalt not dope.

He has a huge following. Maybe not like the Catholic church but close. He does the Tour of Italy, France and Spain and all the big races. He watches over everyone on two wheels.

He’s written a book. Not exactly the bible but quoted word for word by true cycling fans. His Liggett-isms are passed from fan to fan.

He has reported on ten Olympics. He has come down off that mountain 10 times. You see the mount Olympus parallel here?

He has a game farm in South Africa and as a boy wanted to be a zoologist. When the great flood comes again, just like Noah, Phil will build an ark and load the animals. He is a savior.

His voice is God-like.

His pronouncements are rich with religious imagery: “He climbs like an angel.” and “There’s no reason to rush into hell.” Examine, if you will, a classic Ligget line such as “He’s reaching deep into his suitcase of courage.” The suitcase is clearly a reference to the cross and “digging in” a metaphor for the faith we must all find inside ourselves.

And finally, any spell check program will tell you that Liggett is a misspelled word. The suggested correction? The word “Light.” I rest my case.

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