Contador’s bike light bust. A message from France?

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Contador’s bike light bust. A message from France?

Contador. Where's the light?

According to one of those nearly useless public opinion polls, most French folks don’t want Alberto Clenbuterol riding in their national sporting treasure, the Tour de France.

Now, it seems, the French police are also sending Contador a message. An officer pulled Contador over on his descent of the Galibier — “Arretez, Monsier maillot jaune, arretez! The infraction was the glaring lack of a glaring light on his bike so that motorists — the ones who don’t want him in the Tour — can see him.

Sounds like France is prepared to give Contador a hard time this summer. Maybe Tour chef Christian Prudhomme slipped the policeman a few hundred euros to send a message. Qui sait?

After a discussion with the officer, Contador agreed to put his bike away and continue on by car. So one underpaid French policeman has accomplished what the UCI and WADA have failed to accomplish after one year of attempts: get Alberto off this bike. Chapeau, French cop.

Now for the record, we fully agree that in the absence of a ruling from CAS, Contador is free to ride whatever race he choses. It doesn’t make him happy to be under a year-long investigation and it doesn’t make the rest of the cycling world happy, either. Everybody is miserable, frustrated and at a loss for words over the legal mess that is doping in cycling.

Still, there’s got to be a cosmic message in a French policeman pulling over Contador for not having a bike light. Right now, nobody really knows where the light is, what truth will shine or if brighter days are ahead — to string three puns along in a nice tidy sequence.

The French “flic” told Contador he needed to be visible. Ohh, he’s visible all right, the most visible cyclist in the world.

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