Contador to prefect new pistol gesture at Dauphine.

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Contador to prefect new pistol gesture at Dauphine.

Pistol R&D

Alberto Contador downplayed his chances of winning this year’s Dauphine Libere. “My physical condition isn’t good enough for me to target the overall win,” said Contador.

That’s the story he gave the gullible cycling press but Twisted Spoke had an exclusive interview with the Spaniard and here’s the real scoop. Contador has been experimenting with a new “shooting pistol” gesture.

“In truth, it is not ready for the Tour. After talking with Cavendish, I realized that I had to become more creative and yes, more forceful with my victory pistola,” said Contador.

Seeking his third win in the Tour of France, Contador knows he’ll need every weapon in his arsenal. “I have tried several new variations, switching the pistol to my left hand, or using two pistols at once. Then there is the smoke to consider and whether I work with an imaginary holster or not,” said Contador. “Vino suggested I do a double barrel shotgun and I like that idea — but we are still playing with the gesture.”

Apparently development of the new gesture was hampered by a sore thumb. “My trigger thumb was giving me trouble. These things happen but I am serene. My brother Fran is the creative one and we are now working with a famous mime in Barcelona. I want to bring artistry to the pistola. Cycling is a beautiful sport.”

So while Alberto Contador will not be targeting a win in the Dauphine Libere, expectations are that he’ll use the stage race to put the finishing touches on a powerful new pistol victory gesture.

“My rivals will see an even stronger Contador at the Tour. I am taking new aim, you can be sure,” said Contador.

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  1. Jason June 13, 2010 at 8:05 am - Reply

    I love it. Reminds me of the April Fools article that Velonews wrote about Contador hurting his hand from doing his signature salute too many times.

    Also reminds me of Zoolander and him trying to perfect the "Magnum" look.

    Anyway loved the article.

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