Hutarovich who? Cavendish stunned in Marbella.

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Hutarovich who? Cavendish stunned in Marbella.

Guy with weird name beats Cav.

Mark Cavendish is in shock. His eyes have that glazed zombie look. His mind is unable to process what just happened in the final 150 meters of the Vuelta’s second stage.

He’s trying to piece the story details together and it all makes perfect sense except for the freak ending. Alcala de Guadaura to Marbella, 173k, breakaway, catch, my HTC-Columbia boys drilling it, ripping past that slow-poke Tyler Farrar, roar of crowd, arms going up…

Who the hell is Yauheni Hutarovich? What kind of gibberish name is that and where did he come from? Garmin-Transitions’ Tyler Farrar is asking the same cross-eyed question. The Belarus rider for Francaise des Jeux shocked and awed everyone by coming around and passing the Manx Missile.

“Sure, it was a little bit of a surprise – it’s my third grand tour and it’s just my first grand-tour stage victory,”  said Hutarovich. “I wanted to come here to win a stage, so of course I am very content.” That would be more like scream at the top of your lungs with joy kinda content.

Hutarovich won a stage of the Tour of Poland but nobody was making any wild claims about him beating the best sprinters in the Vuelta. Fans standing outside the HTC-Columbia bus should beware of flying objects: helmets, shoes, bikes, seats ripped off bolts and thrown through the window.

Being a student of Eastern Philosophy, Tyler Farrar will not be launching anything. He is already chilled out, wishing everyone peace and happiness. But he’s still going to study the video footage to see what the hell happened in Marbella.

For the guy wearing the blue four leaf cover it was pretty clear what happened. “I couldn’t believe when I was going to win — I could see Cav’ had some problems in his sprint. I saw it was my moment and I went 100 percent,” he said.

Yeah but 100% from the guy who was dead last, the lanterne rouge in the 2009 Tour de France? That doesn’t sound fast enough to beat Cavendish or Farrar or anyone else of note.

Yo Huta, as we’re now calling him, was the surprise winner in Marbella. Is the man up for another shocker?

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  1. Ricola August 29, 2010 at 6:18 am - Reply

    Some day it was! Thanks for this insightful report!

  2. Cynthia August 31, 2010 at 1:50 pm - Reply

    Seriously! I watched that stage and felt confused, rubbed my eyes….what?? WHO won??

    • walshworld August 31, 2010 at 7:13 pm - Reply

      Huta is hot, Cynthia. Hotter than that cop in the thong with the fuzzy cuffs and mini dildo.

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