The Tour de France soundtrack.

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Ahh, la musique du tour.

The French organ grinder and his cymbal-smacking monkey. A dash of Edith Piaf singing of love lost  and mountain stages won. Or perhaps you prefer the sexy lounge music of Serge Gainsbourg while you watch Lance & Alberto battle it out.

For Twisted Spoke, nothing captures the precision, beauty and excitement of the Tour better than Kraftwerk. Sure, they’re German but half the group was obsessed with biking and tour-mad.

This video is of their classic “tour de France” track recorded back in 1983 but it sounds as electro-cool as ever. No word on how the Astana boys feel about the song. But TS suspects that the whole BBox Bouygues Telecom team rock this in the team bus. And hey, they have two stages wins already.

(And while we’re at it, a special shout out to fellow tour scribe blogger5000 seen holding his 12″ vinyl of Kraftwerk’s masterwork.)

Then again, if you need that rush of mad energy for that last 450 watt attack up the mountain, you have only one Tour choice. “Ca Plane Pour Moi,” the original French punk song by Plastic Bertrand.

C’est fou, c’est crazy, vive le Tour.

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