News flash:French guy nabs Cancellara shoe autograph in hotel lobby!

I got the fab Fabian shoe!

The incident occurred at the Doubletree hotel where this years’ King of the Cobbles was just trying to make it to the Espresso To Go across the lobby.

That’s when the bold French cycling fan struck, first stopped the world time trail champion in his tracks, then whipped out a cycling shoe for the gracious star to sign.

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4 Responses to “News flash:French guy nabs Cancellara shoe autograph in hotel lobby!”

  1. "wiping out a cycling shoe"?? For God's sake (and that of half-decent journalism), re-read your own posts before hitting send! It should be "whipping". BTW, love the blog, don't get sloppy.

    • Sorry man, You have no idea how fast I'm moving and how many new experiences I'm juggling. That story happened 5 minutes before my media car left for the start line in Davis. I asked the driver to wait while I typed as fast as I could and posted. Because I wasn't going to have wireless till at least 4:30 in the afternoon.

  2. Man, was there really no workaround for the weather? In all the bike races I've watched, I have never before seen three hours of coverage show a net total of 1 minute of footage of actual men on bikes.

    It's not a biggie for me, but how about race and team sponsors? And TV ad revenue? Will they re-up / come back next year if these guys can't throw together a decent bad-weather plan?