Landis wired in meeting with Rock Racing’s Ball.

Undercover Mennonite.

Wired, not on drugs, on undercover gadgets.

According to the New York Daily News, Floyd Landis wore a wire and used a hidden surveillance camera when he met this last Spring with Michael Ball, the former owner of Rock Racing. Landis also had on some really cool dark sunglasses and sported a three day stubble.

Based on Floyd’s short documentary, Federal agents were able to obtain a search warrant for Ball’s Marina Del Ray apartment. Landis’s superb camera work showd what appeared to be doping products including human growth hormone. There was also footage of Ball babbling like an egotistical fool.

Also confiscated in the raid were some expensive hair sprays possibly used in the race preparation of riders. These styling products enabled riders to achieve better results and look good while doing it.

In addition, several boxes of over-priced designer jeans were carted away. Federal agents are seeking a link between sexy females wearing the jeans while supplying the riders with doping products. These jeans are still being tested in a lab in Tucson, Arizona and results are expected in early 2011.

Several pairs of Ball’s underwear also drew the attention of Federal Agents who were curious about certain unidentifiable stains. These items were tagged and are also being carefully scrutinized.

An undisclosed source who has seen the Landis footable claims there’s also a sequence of Tyler Hamilton naked and dancing to the Lil Wayne song Lollipop.

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  1. Another good post.

    "Footable"? Proofread, my man!

  2. footable?

  3. I cant make up my mind weather or not this article is fake (for fun) or real? It just seems so "out there."

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