Winner: Twisted Spoke Pearl Izumi contest.

//Winner: Twisted Spoke Pearl Izumi contest.

Winner: Twisted Spoke Pearl Izumi contest.

The Pearl.

For all those who were hanging on the edge of their seats, we did announce this last week the winner in our Twisted Spoke Facebook contest.

A total of almost 200 people “liked” the fan page and the winner was Chris Seglenieks of Australia. We will soon be sending him the new Pearl Izumi In-R-Cool bib short. We asked Chris for a few details about himself and here’s what he wrote:

“I’m 28, I’m a pastor (yes, I’m one of the few people who will be working tomorrow). I live in Adelaide, Aust. – a great place to be a cyclist, the weather is great most of the time, there are both hills and nice flat roads along the beach both within 30 mins of riding. I’ve been in to cycling for about 2 years now, and have been racing this past year, now in C grade. I love the competitive aspect of cycling, but it’s also one of the best ways to clear my head and just relax, to see where the road leads me. I also enjoy watching the pros, even if it does mean being up til the wee small hours to see it, so there were a few weeks in July where I was struggling to be awake. So I’m looking forward to the TDU, the bunch I ride with on Saturdays was just making plans this morning to get out to watch as much of it as we can. Hopefully GreenEdge will get of to a winning start.

So congrats to Chris and now that we have the new Facebook toy, we’ll be doing several contests through out the year. Should be fun and we’ll have lots of goodies for people to win. Thanks to everyone who “liked” us.

We like to joke around here at Twisted Spoke but seriously, without everybody out there reading, we would ahve quit a long time ago. Thanks, Matt.

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