Vuelta Chihuahua. Getting up to chihuahua speed.

///Vuelta Chihuahua. Getting up to chihuahua speed.

Vuelta Chihuahua. Getting up to chihuahua speed.

The race mascot.

The Vuelta Chihuahua in Mexico is the silliest, rockin-est race on the UCI calendar. The race of the yapping toy dog. We would be remiss if we didn’t enrich the experience of the 7 day stage race with a short bio on el canine.

The chihuahua is from Chihuahua, Mexico — a happy coincidence, don’t you think? What are the chances? They’re descended from the Techichi, a companion dog favored by the ancient Toltec civilization.

Eons later nut-ball author Carlos Castaneda wrote a slew of bestsellers based on his metaphysical conversations with his Toltec teacher Don Juan. Lot of deep talk and peyote but no biking.

The Aztecs, who came along later, believed the techichi held mystical powers. They used to sacrifice chihuahuas in the hopes that the priests would ride faster. That first part was true, uhh, not the second part.

Archeologists have found ex-chichuahuas from the 2nd century B.C. — way before the UCI sanctioned 2.1 race, which is only four years old. Thus, time in Mexico may be divided into Before Chihuahua and After Chihuahua.

And finally, let no Mexican food loving cyclist forget the Taco Bell Chihuahua. The campaign ran for six years, embedding the catch phases “drop the chalupa,” and “Viva Gorditas.” Okay, that is all the chihuahua you need to know. This is Berlitz Chihuahua, an intensive course, no need for more because you are now fluent.

Does Danish race leader Michael Rasmussen have a chihuahua? Doubtful, maybe a great dane.

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