Vuelta a Espana. Echoes of Crazy Z.

//Vuelta a Espana. Echoes of Crazy Z.

Vuelta a Espana. Echoes of Crazy Z.


Crazy J

The Vuelta a Espana has become the Giro d’Italia under empresario Angelo Zomegnan.

Crazy Z was finally fired two years ago when his Giro got out of control with the number of summit finishes, long transfers and dangerous roads. Like the one that got Wouter Weylandt killed.

Zomegnan is gone and now Michele Aquarone presents what he calls a more “humane” Giro. Well, the Vuelta is going Zomegnan one better with even more summit finishes that the mountain extravaganza they threw last year.

Riders will face an astounding eleven summit finishes — two in the first three days and the wicked Angliru to top things off if anybody is still alive. Twisted Spoke officially names director Javier Guillén with the new tag Crazy J.

Zomegnan always claimed he wanted to inject a little spectacle in every stage of the race. He wanted more drama, more heroics, steeper climbs, deadlier descents, and sexier podium girls.

Twisted Spoke wonders if Guillén’s tenure will eventually end when the riders say enough is enough. Like Zomegnan and his Giro, the Spaniard has galvanized interest for the Vuelta and put in back in the bright lights. There’s no arguing with his record of success.

Will Crazy J go the way of Crazy Z?


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