Vaquera victorious in Chihuahua, stage 5. Lingerie show a big success.

///Vaquera victorious in Chihuahua, stage 5. Lingerie show a big success.

Vaquera victorious in Chihuahua, stage 5. Lingerie show a big success.

Winner Vaquera, before lingerie show.

Aiii CHuhuahua.

Mexican rider Cesar Vaquera (Orven) proved that Mexican riders can win a stage of a Mexican Race. Hometown fans were treated to an exciting finish in the 140K etapa from Parral (where Pancho Villa was murdered) to the beautiful tourist town Carmago (where Vaquera was victorious.)

Welcome to the finish line.

The 20 year old Vaquera took advantage of the disorganization and chaos of the sprint into Carmago to grab the wheel of Javier Benitez, (Contentpolis-Ampo) winner of two Chihuahua stages.

Benitez was forced to launch before he was ready, then faded badly. “I had to jump early, and it was very long for me so I could not win.”

Vaquera rocketed past Benitez and took the biggest win of his career. “I got on Benitez’s wheel and I managed to pass him,” he said.

“It is a very important victory for me because I’m looking for a European professional team and I hope this may serve me to get it.”

The big surprise for the young Vaquera was the seductive woman waiting for him at the finish line. Actress, singer and Chihuahua native, Aracely Arambula. The beautiful Aracely gave Vaquera a spontaneous rendition of her hit songs Sexy and Arriba, her duet with DJ Kane.

Then things got mucho festive for Vaquera and Day-glo green race leader Oscar Sevilla, as Armabula treated them both to a lingerie show based on her Hanes underwear advertising campaign.

Not your average podium girl.

The star of numerous top rated Spanish telenovas, Aracely showed several revealing outfits and neither Vaquera nor Sevilla — nor any of the hundreds of spectators at the finish line could see any genetic resemblance to the famous Mexican Revolutionary Pancho Villa. Not that he wore much lingerie.

But in fact, Aracely is related to the train robbing, swashbuckling, tequila slurping National Hero with the crossed leather ammo belts and bad-ass sombrero. Twisted Spoke will repeat that, due to our propensity for making stuff up. Fact: Aracely, Pancho, related. You see, Chihuahua has it all: Anthony Quinn, Pancho Villa and sassy starlets.

Cycling and lingerie. A perfect fit.

Such is the continually surprising, bizarre and thrilling action in the Vuelta a CHihuahua, the race of the yapping toy dog and our new favorite on the long and winding UCI calendar.

The Chihuahua wraps up tomorrow with Oscar Sevilla (Rock Racing) set to win the overall. Twisted Spoke is already experiencing withdrawal pains and sadness as the sun begins to set on the Tour of the Yappy Mutt.

But amigos, the Chihuahua has its sights set high. Race organizers have already opened discussions with the UCI about hosting the World Championships in five short years. Yes, soon, the Chihuahua will be the top dog. Faithful readers were in on the ground floor, already soaked in chihuahua lore, local history and famous characters. Manana, amigos.

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