Valverde stalked by dwarves on Vuelta podium?

//Valverde stalked by dwarves on Vuelta podium?

Valverde stalked by dwarves on Vuelta podium?

The Vuelta gets a little wacky.

Okay, maybe we have this wrong.

You hardly never know the real, honest truth in this crazed media orgy we live in. But when we saw this picture of Alejandro Valverde on the Vuelta podium after stage 10, we had to wonder exactly what was going on.

A few theories:

Two dwarves breeched security in an attempt to get Valverde’s autograph.

The UCI is now sending small children to take post race blood samples.

The podium girls are, uhh, married with children. (A truly distressing scenario.)

The paparazzi is shrinking.

Baby faced Simon Gerrans. today’s stage winner, is more baby faced than we thought. And he has a twin brother.

The Vuelta folks are now hiring podium girls and podium toddlers. (No, they are NOT allowed to handle the champagne.)

Valverde is spending all his money fighting the UCI and WADA over his two year ban in Italy and thus can’t afford bigger bodyguards.

And finally, well, the Tour de France hands out stuffed lions. Maybe the Vuelta gives away small children. This would be a matter for Child Protection Services and NOT the UCI.

Or conceivably, they could just be Valverde’s two sons, Iván and Alejandro Jr. Really hard to guess, isn’t it?

Twisted Spoke is open to other theories so pass them on.

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