Valverde reading prison lit. March CAS ruling looms.

//Valverde reading prison lit. March CAS ruling looms.

Valverde reading prison lit. March CAS ruling looms.

Hard time will be hard.

(ed note: CAS ruled against Valverde this morning and the UCI is expected to issue a global two year ban.)

Is Alejandro “Borrowed Time” Valverde feeling the noose tighten?

With an expected March decision from the Court for Arbitration in Sports looming any day, Valverde doesn’t sound like a confident guy. Perhaps his dog Piti finally squealed on him.

Asked for comment if the CAS ruling went against him, Valverde had this to say: “I will return to cycling and will continue to win. Without a second thought. I am just thinking about winning.”

Well, maybe winning and large legal bills and a global two year sanction if he ends up losing. That would be three things on his mind. Judging by his quote, Valverde seems to realize the doping allegations against him have plenty of legal weight and his odds of escape are 50-50.

Barring the always-possible-yet-again CAS postponement,  the Operacion Puerto doping case, now four years old, maybe finally result in a verdict. It’s March Madness, Valverde style.

The Spanish rider has been doing plenty of reading in the Prison Lit section of late. After finishing second in Paris-Nice, Valverde got back to the Santos classic, Inside. Life Behind Bars In America. He has Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver’s book, Soul On Ice ready to go.

“I do not run every race as if it were the last, far from it,” said the Caisse d’Epargne rider. The racing season has just begun but Alejandro’s season may already be coming to an end at last.

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