UCI demands jurisdiction over Luxembourg agency in Schleck investigation.

//UCI demands jurisdiction over Luxembourg agency in Schleck investigation.

UCI demands jurisdiction over Luxembourg agency in Schleck investigation.

McQuaid taking over Schleck investigation?


Picking up where he left off in the Armstrong case, UCI president Patrick McQuaid has asserted that the Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency (ALAD) has no jurisdiction in the doping investigation of Frank Schleck.

“We have made it clear to Luxembourg as we have made it abundantly clear to the US authorities: the UCI has final jurisdiction over these investigations,” said McQuaid. “I’m the boss and what I say goes.”

Schleck tested positive for Xipamid, a banned diuretic on July 14 after the 13th stage of the Tour. The ALAD has referred the case to their disciplinary committee to decide what if any sanctions should be applied to the RadioShack Nissan-Trek rider.

However, UCI president McQuaid plans on taking over the Schleck investigation. “We have plenty of lawyers so that’s not the issue,” said McQuaid. “I already have half of them helping Armstrong — I mean fighting the USADA — and I’ve got plenty left to deal with the Luxembourg people. It’s a small country and they’re in big trouble.”

The UCI is already engaged in a public tug of war with the USADA over control of the Armstrong doping investigation. While initially stating in an interview with Sporza that the American agency was in control, he then changed his mind several days later, demanding that USADA CEO Travis Tygart turn over all evidence and final jurisdiction to the UCI.

McQuaid is concerned that the USADA and the Luxembourg agency may not provide a fair and ethical investigation of Armstrong and Frank Schleck. When reminded that the UCI faces charges of gross unethical behavior for receiving two financial gifts totaling $125,000 dollars from Armstrong back in 2002 and 2005, McQuaid reacted with anger. “What’s the point here? I make the rules, I change the rules, the rules are whatever I want,” said McQuaid. “You people don’t seem to understand I am king.”

Luxembourg anti-doping authorities are now huddling with the USADA lawyers to discuss next steps. CEO Tygart has already pitched a reality TV show to Hollywood called “Qwazy McQuaid” and according to one source, a pilot episode is in the works.

Rumors persist that McQuaid and the UCI are readying plans to declare all national anti-doping agencies illegal. UCI spokesman Enrico Capriani insisted that the matter has not been discussed. “Nothing has been decided. We cannot comment on rumors or the inventions of the media,” said Capriani. He would neither confirm or deny that McQuaid has installed a throne in his UCI office in Aigle, Switzerland.







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  1. LauraLyn August 9, 2012 at 8:36 am - Reply

    Wow. Great news.
    We all thought that it was Lance’s lawyers working for UCI. Now we know why Lance’s Texas filings seem so hilarious and arrive always a day late: it’s a (Team) Postal problem from Switzerland.

    Last week in London McQuaid was seen exiting the doping control booths several times. He had claimed jurisdiction over pissing for Team Sky riders at the Olympics.

    After looking a bit too deep into a glass of Guinness, McQuaid told Howman that UCI should take over all from WADA for all doping controls in all sports because “UCI has plenty of Armstrong/LiveStrong dollars to handle all doping procedures anywhere in the world.” Sporza caught it on tape and published it on its website, but McQuaid now says you shouldn’t believe the media.

    UCI has sent a team to study the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) so it can improve its rules and results management.

    • walshworld August 9, 2012 at 10:47 am - Reply

      Laura, I missed the wrestling angle. How did that happen? Matt

  2. LauraLyn August 10, 2012 at 2:58 am - Reply

    Just read McQuaid’s letters to USADA and WADA that Lance filed with the Federal court yesterday. Such hilarity and incompetence can only come from Lance’s lawyers.

    UCI and USA Cycling should be considered just another LiveStrong or Tailwind.

    Wasn’t McQuaid spotted wearing one of those dirty yellow bracelets at the Olympic village yesterday? How did he ever get in considering the IOC banned him for life when he was a bike rider for cheating, lying, and trying to cover up the truth. Seems McQuaid and Armstrong have a lot in common.

    • walshworld August 10, 2012 at 1:22 pm - Reply

      Well McQuaid may need a job after this all goes down. Perhaps he will work for Livestrong. Matt

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