Tygart to take Armstrong’s place on Dancing With The Stars.

//Tygart to take Armstrong’s place on Dancing With The Stars.

Tygart to take Armstrong’s place on Dancing With The Stars.

Can Travis do the drip better than Lance?


While disgraced professional cyclist Lance Armstrong has declined his yearly invitation to the show Dancing With The Stars, it appears his worst enemy will take his place.

Travis Tygart, the CEO of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), plans to take Lance’s dance card. “Well, Lance is busy with his lawyers so we decided why not go for maximum publicity and bring in Travis,” said producer Randy Merengue. “After the Oprah interview, Travis is a hot property.”

Officials at USADA headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado would neither confirm nor deny the possible participation of the man widely credited with destroying the legend of Lance Armstrong. USADA’s scathing 1000 page Reasoned Decision exposed the “most professional and sophisticated doping program in sports” and led to the stripping of all seven of Armstrong’s Tour de France titles.

Still, the question remains — can Travis Tygart dance? “Lance could dance on the pedals, no question,” said Merengue.” But Travis played college basketball and we’re betting he still has a few good moves. Besides, you put anybody with a hot babe like Ashly Costa or Chelsie Hightower and they will step it up.”

Armstrong attorney Tim Herman reiterated that Armstrong has no plans to testify under oath before USADA and desputed the idea that Tygart might be more skilled on the dance floor than Armstrong. “The record will show that Lance is a professional athlete who is still in superior shape while Tygart is a government bureaucrat. This is a no-contest.”

Over the course of 15 seasons, Dancing with the Stars has paired professional dancers with celebrity contestants including professional and Olympic athletes, supermodels, actors, singers and even an astronaut. It remains to be see whether Armstrong’s nemesis Tygart has the required star power.

However, Savatore Chachanelli, an member of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) believes that Tygart will do just fine in Hollywood when the music starts. “Travis came to Italy last year to look into Armstrong’s connection to Dr. Ferrari. We had an official party at a nightclub in Milan and I can assure you, he is a superb dancer — especially when they played the electronic songs,” said Chachanelli.

However, Dancing With The Stars hasn’t completely given up on Armstrong. According to one source, the former pro has a February 6th deadline to accept his invitation. After that, the beat goes on without him and with Tygart.






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