Tygart kicks Armstrong out of Master swimming pool.

//Tygart kicks Armstrong out of Master swimming pool.

Tygart kicks Armstrong out of Master swimming pool.



No swimming today or ever.

Lance Armstrong angrily told Travis Tygart, the head of the US Anti-doping Agency, that he alone was in charge of his redemption.

That point is highly debatable but in the case of Armstrong’s athletic endeavors, Tygart remains firmly in charge. The ex-winner of seven Tours de France can’t get around his lifetime ban no matter how many events he tries to enter.

First, he wanted to do some Ironmans. Nope, sorry. Then it was the Leadville 100 Mountain bike race in Colorado. Nope, can’t. Now the disgraced pro cyclist was just booted out of a Masters Swimming event. Nope, too bad.

Armstrong is barred from competing in any sporting event that has signed the WADA anti-doping code of conduct. No triathlons, no mountain bike races, no swimming meets, and don’t bother taking up badminton.

The only competition that Armstrong has going right now is trying to find an event that Tygart can’t stop him from entering. The Boss is working up a pretty good sweat trying to outfox Tygart.

Right now, the CEO of USADA has beaten Armstrong upheld the head so many times we’re losing count. He slapped back the Texan’s jurisdiction challenge with Judge Sparks, he beat the Armstrong backed UCI attempt to wrestle control of the legal process  and when Armstrong belatedly tried to cut a deal after he was banned for life and stripped of his seven tour titles, Tygart and his boys said, too late, sucker.

Since then, Armstrong has again refused to give a full and compete testimony to USADA or the UCI and so Tygart continues to make his life miserable. It’s almost reached the point where it feels like a game — Tygart is having a good time smacking Armstrong around.

The sign reads: Lance Armstrong banned. No Swimming Beyond This Point.

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  1. Theoldmtneer June 1, 2013 at 6:50 pm - Reply

    Matt your ignorance is despicable, give me one reason why Armstrong has to be the fall guy for 100 years of doping in cycling. You know that all of this wouldn’t be happening if the scumbags Hamilton, Andreu and Landis were never caught in the first place. An to think that Lemond was clean is just plain stupid. Wake up or shut up.

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