Twisted Spoke moonlights for Pezcycling. The Landis recap.

//Twisted Spoke moonlights for Pezcycling. The Landis recap.

Twisted Spoke moonlights for Pezcycling. The Landis recap.

At last, publication!

A graduation of sorts.

Twisted Spoke is now making money for other people. Yeah, we can all see the instant flaw in that business proposition. Did I mention the free cycling jersey?

But in this difficult, post apocalypse crash, this is a big step. From here,  it’s just a short-hop to making money for myself, then becoming the New York Times cycling writer, nailing a Pulitzer, a reality show and movie based on my life. I want Adrian Brody cast in my starring role — not all of him, just his nose. Owen Wilson will handle the other parts. Bizarrely enough, that’s how things happen or don’t.

A month or so ago, while idly surfing the cycling sites, we saw a request for writers from the Pez Cycling site. We jumped and the editor himself, Richard Pestes, fired back an email. In no time we had an assignment. Turned out Richard had been secretly taking his laptop into the bathroom to read Twisted Spoke.

So here is the feature story. We thank Richard for giving us our first break into the world of cycling publication. We’ll admit to both giddy pride, embarrassment and mostly shock when we saw the story made the Pez homepage. Because there was a massive, brain fart typo in the FIRST sentence. Not the way you want to launch a career.

I called Pestes immediately and even though Pez in based in Vancouver and it’s the Winter Olympics and he was watching the women’s downhill finals, he fixed it for me. Whew.

So I’ll just end with an exhortation to readers. If you’re thinking of writing your own blog, go for it. Doors open, cool people connect with you, readers find you in the google-sphere. These are pioneer days again all over the world. As the brilliant beer slogan from the New Belgian Brewery says, “Find your Folly.”

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  1. AlpacaSuitcase February 19, 2010 at 9:58 pm - Reply

    Yo Mdogg…congrats. We are kicking it on a beach on the Sinai and everyone here is talking about your publication for PezCycling…"Yah, Ahmed…you know TwistySpokah? Goooood bycling news, but bike not better than camel."

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