Tour of Cali climax: does Zabriskie have a plan B?

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Tour of Cali climax: does Zabriskie have a plan B?

Do we tip on the tax? This country is strange.

Something I’d pay money for: where are  the Liquigas support guys headed after drinks at the Glance Lobby Lounge? Where was Tom Boonen chilling when four of his Quick Step guys were at the cool outdoor bar at the Figueroa hotel — was he in his hotel room applying anti-biotic ointment to his road rash and watching cable porn or a Fabian Cancellara snuff film? I know that’s what I’d be doing.

And finally, the thing I’d actually pay a decent, negotiable amount of cold hard cash for: what’s the plan for Gamin-Transitions to get Dave Zabriskie that sumptuous golden jersey off Mick Rogers’ chest in the final stage. Which ain’t gonna be easy cheesy — because mild mannered but rock solid Mick Rogers has stowed it in his suitcase already with that little combo lock.

Mr Vaughters, do you take credit cards? The prevailing consensus among race photographers and writers and cycling drinkers was that the Tour of California was over. The final stage is short and KOM lite with some time bonuses but nothing a powerful team like HTC-Columbia won’t deal with easily. So, fishing the twenty dollar bills out of my pocket, what is Jonathan Vaughters telling his boys tonight? Don’t stay out past 2am and don’t get arrested? Me thinks not.

I can’t help but think there’s a plan of action that, despite the low odds on pulling back a measly 9 seconds, will be activated Sunday. Garmin can be evil and the whole team has worked so hard to get Dave Zabriskie so close that to concede seems disappointing.

On the other hand, the white flag means you can party all night long in the City of Angels with your Garmin Visa card. That would be a tough call. In fact after the seven KOM climb Big Bear stage, riders could be excused for checking into the Four Seasons with a Korean masseuse named Jasmine and not coming out for a week. Just saying….

What’s the Garmin plan? And then there’s the corollary — what’s the Radio Shack plan? Have Jonathan Vaughters and Johan Bruyneel had dinner and discussed a mutual, two pronged, kill-Mick-Rogers-plan? We hope so.

Will Lance Amrstrong suddenly appear and run Rogers over with his new electric Nissan LEAF? Will Floyd Landis show up on the race course with a baseball bat and accidently smack Rogers instead of Z Man? Gore on Agoura Hills. Otherwise it’s gonna be a dull day in the Media 2 car. Have to bring the ipod and listen to Yellow Man or Josh Rouse.

Speaking of prongs, there’s always Antler Man, a committed, hard core Shack guy. Given a small amount of cash and the promise of a barbecue dinner at Lance’s house this summer, Antler man would run Rogers through with this horns. You think there was blood when Armstrong almost lost his eye? Wait till you see the gore Antler Man will inflict – bloody aussie bloody.

Then there are the road side Garmin Groupies. Normally, they’re drinking a buttery chardonnay and grilling chicken apple sausages but with the right agitation, they could pick Rogers’ bones worse than paranha stripping down a cow carcass. Just food for thought.

Is there a plan, for Zabriskie, to win this thing?

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