Tour de France countdown: monster bikes.

//Tour de France countdown: monster bikes.

Tour de France countdown: monster bikes.


Frame size?

Eh oui, they have some huge bikes in the Tour de France.

This one was parked high up in the Alps. Perhaps too big for Alberto Contador or Chris Froome or even Johan Van Summeren. Besides, a single speed isn’t going to get you over the mountains — not when the gradients hit 10 to 15%.

Still, it does make a nice jungle gym. Who is that kid up there — a future Pierre Rolland or Thibaut Pinot?┬áMaybe someday that kid perched up on that top tube will become a famous bike racer.

Bike art of all kinds is one of the fun and expected pleasures of Le Tour. Every town along the race route does their little bike hommages to the race and fans like to dress up their own bikes with special displays. For the 100th birthday, we’re expecting that creativity to be at an all-time high.

That might mean even bigger bikes than this one. In any case, you certainly can’t argue with the polka dot paint job.


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