Tour de France countdown: cross dressing policeman!

//Tour de France countdown: cross dressing policeman!

Tour de France countdown: cross dressing policeman!

Fuzzy handcuffs

Of all the things I’ve seen after two Tours de France, not much has rivaled the nut-balls I met from Bordeaux on the Pyrenean stages of the 2010 Tour.

This guy had on his black hose, bedroom slippers, panties, police jacket, plastic pink penis dangling from his neck and fuzzy red handcuffs. Even the real French police got a kick out of him.

He was the theatrical ringleader of the whole group, all in costume including another guy dressed as a 6 foot penis. Leaving that shot out because, well, it’s just not a good look.

They had their own bar set-up and were having a grand old Grand Tour time. He was stopping traffic and waving down the motos and advance vehicles, acting like a true policeman directing the action.

Then when the riders came thru, he orchestrated the “we are not worthy” waves from the crowd. All in all, a good time in the Pyrenees. Always a party when the Tour comes through and we can’t wait to be roadside.

Vive Le Tour, vive Le cross-dressing policeman!


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