Tour de France countdown. 28 days to the Devil.

///Tour de France countdown. 28 days to the Devil.

Tour de France countdown. 28 days to the Devil.

Devil growl.

What’s a Tour de France without the presence of the Devil? Dieter “Didi” Senft has been shaking his trident at the Tour and Giro since 1993.

We finally got our own look up close and personal in the 2010 Tour. The Devil has some personal hygiene issues so it’s just another reason not to go to Hell. His feet are filthy and the costume definitely has too much mileage on it.

It turns out the this devil is hardly one-dimensional. He’s an inventor, bike designer, museum curator and even an occasional Santa. D0 not miss his Michael Jackson tribute bike. There’s a great interview with him at Pez.

We look forward too seeing his playfully demonic face in the Alps and Pyrenees. Vive Le Tour! Vive Le Diable!

Devil with down time.

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  1. ken June 5, 2011 at 7:51 am - Reply

    personal hygiene issues /love the guy /but ended up standing next to him cheering at the finish of the road race in sydney 2000/my goodness so long ago /pppppeeeeeeuuuwwww!!!!!!!!!!!and total trenchmouth to complete the effect

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