Top ten pictures from Col d’Aubisque.

///Top ten pictures from Col d’Aubisque.

Top ten pictures from Col d’Aubisque.

I saw Lance Armstrong.

But that’s not all I saw. The tour is a circus, a rolling party, a masquerade ball, a 3500 kilometer picnic, a party France throws for itself.

Part of the addictive quality of the Tour is the dramatic extremes. The highest mountains, the fastest speeds, the relentless challenges, the greatest athletes on two wheels.  That kind of invitation brings everyone to the edge of the road.

Everything in the Tour is hors categorie. Here are some shots from the Aubisque and let’s not forget the Basque donkey.

The view.

The flag.

FLying Lance.


Reading material.

Going down now.

Getting green back.

Working hard.

Hors categorie horses.

Where's Shrek?

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