Timmy Duggan. He ain’t no domestique no more.

//Timmy Duggan. He ain’t no domestique no more.

Timmy Duggan. He ain’t no domestique no more.


Duggan. I AM SOMEBODY!!!


Is Timmy Duggan digging his new Stars & Stripes US road race champion jersey? Yes, he is.

We’re seeing a newer, more vocal and uber-confident Duggan since that day in late March in Greenville, South Carlina when the hardest working domestique on two wheels suddenly shot to fame and fortune.

The man went stars and stripes and scored a ride in the Olympics in the space of a few weeks. You can’t nail career timing any better than that. With major financial sponsor Liquigas set to pull out, Duggan picks the golden moment to win his biggest race. His accountant says “chapeau!”

It must be sweet for a guy who has sacrificed himself for years so other guys in lime green could taste victory. Now, that’s Mr. Duggan to you, pal. Since the big win, Duggan gets to answer the endless, repetitive questions the media usually asks teammate Peter Sagan and ex-teammate Vincezo Nibali.

Stardom means everybody wants to know — Timmy, buddy, who’s gonna win the stage today? Timmy, what’s the team strategy for today? Timmy, how you gonna attack Garmin and who will you kill first?

Fame means a number of things and first up, more interview time, extra spotlight, more photo ops, more journalists shouting Timmy, just one question, Timmy, you gotta a second? Timmy …

Read Duggan’s quotes from the Tour of Utah, the Thrilla from Larry H Milla! and you’ll notice he’s talking like a team leader for the first time. He’s calling shots, naming names, directing traffic and setting strategy.

Duggan went on the attack in stage three, jumping in a long breakaway and when it was caught he didn’t drop his head and skulk back to the team bus. No, he said he was going to keep attacking.

“We have to be aggressive,” said the now bad-ass Duggan. “I hope that some of the other GC riders on other teams are going to have the same plan as myself and be aggressive.” That ain’t no domestique talking, that’s Captain Duggan detailing the race agenda.

Hell, Duggan is confident enough with his form and the US Champ jersey that he’s even outlining the tactics for everyone in the damn race. “I think there’s enough teams that are in the same boat that it’s going to be a pretty aggressive final two days of racing,” said Duggan.

Twisted Spoke is impressed with the new Duggan, doing his thing in Utah. We just wish Vincenzo Nibali was at the Larry H Miller Thriller so Timmy could throw him on the front of the climb and yell at the Italian to ride HARDER! “Come on — show me that Liege-Bastogne power, Vince, we need to BLOW THIS RACE APART.

That’s the new Timmy and we say watch out. He likes the new role, TD is Top Dog, lime green boss, the cannon in Cannondale. He’s enjoying the show and taking his game up.


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