The Roulette wheel bike in Vegas.

//The Roulette wheel bike in Vegas.

The Roulette wheel bike in Vegas.

Roll with roulette.

Twisted Spoke is on vacation in Las Vegas. There is something deliciously ironic about spending Easter with the wife and two kids in Sin City. No Easter Bunny, just blackjack and booze.

The roulette bike is probably what the all the croupiers and card dealers ride to the casino. The strippers prefer walking along in their four inch heels. Ya gotta love that.

A quick wiki-read on the roulette table and gambling strategies is fascinating. Among other things, back in the 70’s, a group of University of California Santa Cruz students used computers hidden in their shoes to win at roulette.

They could have used this bike to pedal over in. Probably no room for cleats, which also might throw off the computers.

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