The new Giro Jerseys. Yolanthe Cabau in pink.

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The new Giro Jerseys. Yolanthe Cabau in pink.

Yolanthe in pink.

Giro news flash: Yolanthe is back and again we sing the praises of Angelo Zomegnan.

This is the man who’s single-handedly keeping the spectacle and sex appeal of cycling alive and well. While the Tour de France trots out old men in suits, Giro impresario Zomegnan always makes sure his events are heavy on eye candy. He’s the Hugh Hefner of the sport and the Giro is his personal Playboy club.

The presentation of the four prestigious jerseys of the 2010 Giro d’Italia took place at the Pitti Uomo exhibit in Florence. More accurately, it took place on gorgeous super babe Yolanthe Cabau Van Kasbergen, a 24-year-old Dutch actress, plaything and patroness of the 2010 Giro. What other tour is brilliant enough to have a patroness?

Yolanthe modeled the four leader’s jerseys for Giro winners Ivan Basso and Damiano Cunego — and guess what? They came to the near instantaneous decision that they must have that jersey. In fact, they’re hoping to join Yolanthe inside the pink micro-fiber garment.

Zomegnan continues to operate on a higher conceptual plane than other grand tour directors. This is a man who understands the Giro is about passion and desire, drama and sex. He takes a storytellers’ approach to designing his grand tour, with a near maniacal insistence on spectacle.

Crazy Z doesn’t care about mundane details like whether start towns have enough hotel beds or if rider transfers are too long and complicated. He demands pageantry and extravaganza. Hence his wild drawing board plans for a Washington D.C. Giro start. Zomegnan is a big picture guy and, like Lance Armstrong, he knows it’s not about the bike.

Welcome back Yolanthe. Not surprisingly the jersey looks exceptional and we’re Giro-jazzed. Another chapeau for the king of cycling showmanship, Angelo Zomegnan.

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