The bike obelisk. Now that’s art.

//The bike obelisk. Now that’s art.

The bike obelisk. Now that’s art.

Beautiful frame work.

You know art when you see it. This would be it. 100,000 pounds and 65 feet of pure unadulterated bike beauty.

Artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector recently created the “Cyclisk” from 340 bicycles and, for comedy, one tricycle. The tribute┬áto bike culture sits on a street corner in Santa Rosa, California.

The city has hosted several stages of the Tour of California and now has the bike obelisk. How’s that for a bike-friendly place?

Our thanks to the Inhabitat website for the story and details. The Cyclisk is a thing of beauty and way cooler than the buddha pears we recently discovered and the 18 foot metal turtle in Dunseith, North Dakota made from 2000 wheel rims.

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