Team Saxo Bank's new Tour weapon: the two-headed Haedo.

//Team Saxo Bank's new Tour weapon: the two-headed Haedo.

Team Saxo Bank's new Tour weapon: the two-headed Haedo.

Two heads, one bike. A tour advantage.

News that Team Saxo bank had the two headed Haedo brothers Sebastian and Juan Jose on the roster upped the stakes for this year’s Tour de France.

“This is part of our Tour preparation,” said Bjarne Riis.  We will worry about a jersey for two heads later. Right now we’re just excited. This gives us a decisive new weapon.”

The possibility that the ban on race radios may be enforced during the tour makes the two-headed Haedo a force to be reckoned with.

“One head looks back, one head looks forward. That’s a 360 view at all times. Strategically, that’s good for us,” said Riis. “Impossible for a break to get away without us seeing.”

The technical challenges of building a race bike for the two-headed Haedo brothers is one that excites bike manufacturer Cervelo. “It’s not as hard as it sounds, because you’re still talking about two arms and two legs,” said designer Mark Corliss. “It’s more about getting the balance right with the extra head. That’s another 20 pounds. You don’t want to compromise bike handling with two heads when they head down hill.”

For his part Sebastian Haedo was ecstatic about the Saxo bank debut: “I believe that it was destiny for me and for my brother to race as one and who better than to do it with than on a team like Saxo Bank. People laugh at our two heads together on a bike, but we are fast, very fast.”

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