Tacks on road. A sharp attack on Amstel Gold.

///Tacks on road. A sharp attack on Amstel Gold.

Tacks on road. A sharp attack on Amstel Gold.

Tacks on Fosberg? No Tanks.

Tacks, not attacks.

The Amstel Gold race hasn’t even begun and the action is already high. Police are investigating an act of cycling sabotage, as sharp, tire-puncturing tacks were found scattered on the race course.

According to De Telegraaf,  it’s a protest against the “nuisance” that cyclists bring to their homes. What? Is somebody calling a UCI-sanctioned ProTour race a nuisance? Is the sight of Philippe Gilbert riding past your house really that awful?

The tacks in question were found on the Fosberg climb and we’re indebted to Michel Brouwers for this photo of the Fosberg during an under 23 race. It was, at that time, entirely tack-free.

This is what makes pro racing so exciting — wind, rain, cobblestones, small metal tacks.

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  1. Mick April 14, 2011 at 10:13 pm - Reply

    I am always amazed at the narcissim exhibited by a growing segment of society… The attempted sabotage of events is (unfortunately) not uncommon… all in the name of few hours of modest disruption to the lives of a few people. I recall an Ironman race in Madison, where a farmer drove his combine onto the course (effectively taking up the whole road, forcing racers to risk life & limb to attempt to pass…) … for no other reason than to disrupt the event because he felt the race was an inconvenience to him…so he was going to return the favour to the participants
    Unfortunately this is a trend that will only grow…

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