Schumacher launches another pointless appeal, laughter continues.

//Schumacher launches another pointless appeal, laughter continues.

Schumacher launches another pointless appeal, laughter continues.

Yes, appeals appeal to me.

Is Stefan Schumacher still on drugs? Has he been tested for moron-enhancing drugs?

Forget the EPO, what is he taking these days? Is he smoking rastafarian amounts of weed or Turkish hash — or maybe it’s cocaine, which would explain his wildly inflated sense of confidence.

Twisted Spoke suspects the man is deep into the hallucinogenic drugs. What else would explain the bewildering number of senseless appeals he’s launched. Know when to say when, buddy. Ride your bike, take up whittling, learn the saxophone, sign up for classes in pastry baking. You’re suspended for two years– do something better with your time.

Schumacher is going the Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton route and bankrupting himself with his never-ending legal wrangling. The latest being his plan (or crack pipe dream) of appealing the decision by a French court to uphold his two year ban in France.

This is a man who was busted for CERA-EPO in the 2008 Tour de France and Olympic Games. That’s the doping double play. He doesn’t have a lycra leg to stand on. His credibility is zero and his bank account is headed that way fast.

Next up, his November 4th appeal with the Court of Arbitration in Sport. You’d think he and Alejandro Valverde could get a group rate on lawyers, maybe invite Danilo di Luca and Mikel Astarlosa and old Gerolsteiner teammate Davide Rebellin to pitch in.

It appears that Schumacher insists on appealing every legal ruling out there. He doesn’t like test protocols, jurisdictions, judges, legal arguments, ethics or honesty and seems to be embarrassment-free.

Like many suspended riders without facts on their side, he played the conspiracy card, claiming he was a victim of a “French clique,” noting that Pierre Bordry, head of the French anti-doping agency (ALFD)  had a “close relationship” to the court where he was formerly a judge.

Again, we return to the hallucinogenic drug theory. The man is on ecstasy: he thinks he can fly, he hears in colors, he believes his appeals will work and that no one is laughing.

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