Schleck doesn’t want Contador’s tour victory. Menchov declared winner?

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Schleck doesn’t want Contador’s tour victory. Menchov declared winner?

Menchov. From third to first?

Andy Schleck doesn’t want that 2010 Tour de France title. He’s happy sticking with numero deux.

In the wake of Alberto Contador’s one year suspension and the loss of his tour win, the runner-up from little Luxembourg doesn’t wish to be named the new winner. “For me Alberto is the winner of the 2010 Tour. I would love to win the Tour on my own,” said Schleck of the French booby prize.

We say no worries, Andy. You don’t want to be declared the see-asterisk winner of the tour, fine by us. Too bad your brother Frank crashed out in stage 3 otherwise you could give him the tainted triumph.

A win is a win in our book. In fact, you should consider this as a half-win, sort of like practice for the real thing in 2011. That said, if no is your definite answer, then Twisted Spoke and tour organizers ASO will move on.

We’re now proud to declare Denis Menchov the winner of the 2010 Tour de France. Does the Russian Assassin want the final yellow, to be boss of the Grande Boucle? Maybe Geox, the Italian footwear company and sponsor of Menchov’s new Geox-TMC squad, should push him into accepting the pre-owned yellow jersey. Never mind the meat stains — those will eventually come out.

If Denis Menchov decides he’d like to take first prize instead of Andy Schleck, then Geox has a new, powerful argument for a last-minute Tour de France dance card. This is a smart invitation strategy and Geox would be foolish to ignore it. We think team manager Mauro Gianetti better make it known right now: Menchov wants the gift Schleck turned down.

Someone must be declared the last winner of the Tour de France. It’s just a requirement for the sports rulebooks, you can’t leave the thing blank or fill it in with “Nobody.” The NFL Superbowl, World Series, World Cup of Soccer — for events of that stature, a winner is a necessity. If Andy Schleck doesn’t want his name next to number one and Denis Menchov isn’t interested, we say keep moving down the line.

Sammy Sanchez, gotta proposition for you….

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  1. cyclingfan135 January 27, 2011 at 12:54 pm - Reply

    I understand that Andy Schleck wants to "win it on the road", but if Contador was doping ( = cheating) and Schleck was not, then IMO he DID win it on the road. Agreed that if he doesn't want it, then offer it to Menchov!

    And btw, thanks for always making me laugh about those things in cycling that sometimes make cycling very frustrating to follow! 🙂

  2. RideLikeaGirl1 January 27, 2011 at 5:25 pm - Reply

    Thanks, Matt for the great views through humor. I am willing to grab the yellow jersey and ride it into Paris on behalf of Andy.

    • TwistedSpoke January 27, 2011 at 8:10 pm - Reply

      Why not? Consider yourself yellow. See you in Paris. Matt

  3. Mick January 27, 2011 at 8:40 pm - Reply

    Brilliant idea…just what Geox needs an instant Tour champ.
    On another note…
    I just hope Frank was able to pass on some of that valuable training advice (he got from Dr Fuentes) to Andy…I believe a cool 7000 euros worth…

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