Scent of a winner: Armstrong fragance expert aids Schlecks.

//Scent of a winner: Armstrong fragance expert aids Schlecks.

Scent of a winner: Armstrong fragance expert aids Schlecks.

Smell a Tour de France winner.

First, RadioShack Nissan boss Johan Bruyneel confiscated all the left over Leopard scarves at the team’s first get-together in Belgium. He publicly dressed down Andy and Frank Schleck for the effeminate fashion accessories.

Now, at the suggestion of seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, Bruyneel is also revamping the Schleck’s program of personal skin care products. “Johan wants them to project an image of strength,” said director sportif Dirk Demol. “Lance looked tough, he projected power, he smelled like a winner.”

Armstrong’s own fragrance consultant Rex Sentir has spent the last weekend working with both Schlecks to develop a men’s cologne and after-shave that projects a strong sense of masculinity.”

“I’m focused on Andy in particular. I want to bring out his core, his essence,” said Sentir. “We’re not just working with warmer notes like myrrh and sandalwood — no, the goal is power, a fragrance that radiates dominant strength.”

Bruyneel has publicly stated that the only goal for the coming season is “yellow in Paris.” In candid interviews, the Belgian has made it clean that if Andy Schleck is to win the 2012 Tour de France, he must improve his time trialing ability and his scent.

“I told the team that everything we say and do and even wear must support that goal,” said Bruyneel. While surprised that Bruyneel took a firm line on the scarves, the younger Schleck seems open to the new scents. “I want to be the best, it’s no good being second anymore,” he said. “So whether it’s on the bike or off the bike, I will get stronger.

Sentir thinks Andy Schleck has plenty of potential. “He is really starting to think about who he is. Scent is olfactory, it leads right to the brain. My work is focusing him on his core inside and how to manifest that,” said Sentir. “You’re going to see a new Andy and more importantly, you’re going to smell him.”

Demol is confident that with Sentir’s expertise and improvements in training, Andy Schleck can replicate the success of Armstrong. “Lance radiated power, confidence, supremacy. You could see it, hear it and smell it,” said Demol. “That’s the plan. We want Alberto Contador to take one whiff of Andy and smell danger.”

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    Not sure Matt I think I smell a rat!!!

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