Saxo Bank. A new sponsorship concept for Bjarne Riis.

/, Saxo Bank/Saxo Bank. A new sponsorship concept for Bjarne Riis.

Saxo Bank. A new sponsorship concept for Bjarne Riis.

Schleck: Every dollar counts.

Who doesn’t want to sponsor the Schleck bros? The best brother act in all of professional cycling. Lance Armstrong doesn’t have one and Alberto Contador’s is a mechanic named Fran. No marketing opportunities there.

Still manager Bjarne Riis is having a challenging time lining up a replacement for the fast exiting Saxo Bank. With our 20 plus years in advertising, we’ve put together a gold standard list of potential sponsors for Andy and Bjarne. They may not be big spenders but throw a dozen together and your team bus looks even better than Sky’s.

The idea is not just to build a team around Andy Schleck but build an entire sponsorship package that leverages the Andy Brand. That’s what you get from Twisted Spoke.

First, we recommend¬†Andy’s Burgers of North Carolina. Now with over 100 locations and a solid fast food menu, Andy’s is poised to enter the world of pro cycling sponsorship. Will sell Franks as part of contract.

Then there’s The Andy Company, custom house painting and home repair. Look, Quickstep may do nice flooring but Andy does awesome pressure washing and mildew removal. A natural fit. Bjarne, their number is (803) 257-6013.

There’s a huge potential opportunity with Andy’s Fence of Saint Petersburg, Florida, specializing in vinyl fencing. This may also come in handy when setting up a perimeter around the team bus and warm-up area. Sure, this isn’t a deep pockets operation but every dollar counts.

Who doesn’t love dogs and bicycle racing? Wouldn’t cutting a deal with Andy’s Pet Salon of La Mesa, California make tremendous sense?¬†Andy’s specializes in the $14 hydro-surge bath and $12 Self Wash Tubs. Brings the dogs to the Tour. Take a bite out of Alberto and solve a financial crisis.

Saxo Bank may be leaving but who cares when you’re already got Andy’s Plumbing — they’re flush with cash. A speciality in tankless water heaters is bound to come in useful sometime. And the bonus is all the spare tubing and welding equipment a team mechanic needs.

Andy’s Deli on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago specializes in high quality smoked meats. You kill two birds with one sponsor, Bjarne. You’ve got postivitve cash flow and plenty of sandwich fixings for the team. A win-win all around.

Bjarne Riis is a man who doesn’t think the traditional way when it comes to team structure and training methods. It’s time he used the same creative approach to sponsorship packages.

There are literally thousands of small businesses around the globe named after Andy. This is a sponsorship bonanza waiting to happen. By tapping this vast pool of resources, there could be income for decades.

Andy Schleck can’t leave a team that’s built around him and funded by Andy sponsors everywhere. Bjarne, this is gold, baby.

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