Riccardo Ricco hits back at Cavendish. The parasite speaks.

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Riccardo Ricco hits back at Cavendish. The parasite speaks.

Parasite, bike.

Biological impossibility? Parasite talks!

Doper Riccardo Ricco responded to recent comments by HTC-Columbia’s Mark Cavendish that he was a parasite. “Why am I parasite? What does he mean when he says I’ve shown no remorse?” Ricco asked.

The alleged ringworm or intestinal fluke insisted that he’s filled with remorse after his suspension for CERA during the 2008 Tour de France.

“I even helped the anti-doping investigators and that’s why they gave me a 20-month ban instead of 24 months. Of course, he (Cavendish) is at the peak of his career and so he can say what he wants.”

In a recent interview, Cavendish heaped abuse on the Italian climber. “It’s insulting to the passion that I have and the others have for cycling … and for someone else to not give a shit about that, it’s incredibly demoralizing to have to compete against that,” he said.

However, in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, Ricco hit back at the Manxman. “I’m not going to respond because I’m the last person who can speak after what I did. He’s the number-one sprinter in the world and so he’s always right.” said Ricco. “I’m not that bothered about what he’s said or what he thinks. Anyway, you shut people up with your legs, not with your mouth.”

Ricco’s legs are in for quite a challenge. Mark Cavendish isn’t’ the only HTC COlumbia rider disgusted by Ricco’s imminent return to racing. In a Twitter message, Marco Pinotti said the idea that Riccò and fellow CERA doper Emanuele Sella could be at this year’s Giro ‘made him puke’.

“They’ve had a second chance but they’ve never apologized to the other riders in the peloton, to the team staff that lost their jobs and above all to the fans they betrayed,” said Pinotti.

Cavendish versus Ricco. No doubt round three is coming soon.

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  1. jonplang January 28, 2010 at 7:14 pm - Reply

    Mr. Walsh – how did my days go by w/o a dose of ‘The Twisted Spoke’. Keep up the great work, and expert unbiased (ahem) reporting. I’ll be checking in daily, if not hourly.

    I’ve noticed there is a Cavendish “section”, but no mention of his recent absence from 2010 events, or training camps for that matter. With the sprinter’s delight ‘Tour of Qatar’ (finally) around the corner & the flat-as-the-Outback 2010 TDU a thing of the past, you may be asking yourself
    “where is that mouthy Cavendish fellow?”

    Well…in a bit of irony, our favorite toothy-sprinter Mark Cavendish is suffering from ‘dental problems and an associated infection that resulted in delaying the start to his season’. Hmmmm…apparently the Brit finally decided to do something about those mangled Manxy teeth that were certainly slowing him down in the last 50m (notice his mouth was strategically closed for the last 100m of the ’09 Milan-San Remo), but Columbia-HTC’s dental plan leaves a bit to be desired. Either that or there’s just so much work to be done on that mutated orthodontia that the offseason just wasn’t enough time to get it all done!

    Here’s hope for a speedy recovery Mark-o!

    • walshworld January 29, 2010 at 1:02 am - Reply

      Jonplang, thanks for the kind words and I like your dental digging into Cavendish. Maybe a post in there somehwere.

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