Review: Capo Padrone long sleeve jersey.

//Review: Capo Padrone long sleeve jersey.

Review: Capo Padrone long sleeve jersey.

Capo Padrone

As design objectives go, the luxury performance one is always tough to define and difficult to hit.

Capo’s $200 Padrone long sleeve jersey pulls off that trick with style, beauty and yes, high end performance. Padrone is Capo’s top of the line and the Italian word for boss. There’s certainly a good deal of leadership in evidence.

First, the Padrone makes skillful use of several fabrics that elevate performance and overall fit. In front, the jersey benefits from the Sky wind resistant fabric. Sky is a dual-layer micro knit that strikes a balance between wind protection and breathability — which in turn makes the Padrone a true three season garment. You won’t overheat when Spring temperatures begin to warm up.

Backside story.

In back, the jersey features the semi-stretch, carbon infused Super Roubaix material. The end results are warmth and wicking and a fit that an Italian tailor would respect. There’s a fleece Roubaix fabric on the inside that brings an extra measure of thermal happiness. What’s impressive is how well these different fabrics are combined with Armani-like understated style.

As we’ve noted in our review of the Padrone bib short, Capo designs nothing in isolation. The jersey is part of a collection and that integration raises the bar. For example, the backside has a Y shaped band of fabric that follows the lines of the bib straps underneath and helps keep the Padrone jersey in position. The matching of fabrics in jersey and bib show you the difference between a cycling wardrobe and technical gear with no sense of unity.


The jersey graphics are subtle and that places the focus on the beauty of the fabrics. This is where the luxury meets up with performance. The fabrics are soft yet cutting edge, beautiful yet technical. It’s an enviable set of qualifications. (For those who need a break from black, the white Padrone is a perfect alternative.)

On the functional side, the Padrone has a three pocket arrangement with a smaller fourth zip pocket to secure things like keys, ID and cell phone. The zip is full-length, lockable and, best of all, well-hidden. Again, that’s what the $200 price tag comes with: fine tailoring and thoughtful touches.

Insider look.

Is it wrong to use the word sensual when discussing high performance cycling apparel? Not with the Padrone jersey. The fit is flattering, the fabrics are plush and performance is terrific. It’s no small task to bring performance and luxury together in one garment. Guess that’s what makes you the boss.

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Padrone long sleeve jersey

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