Remco Evenepoel’s one-man training camp.

/, Remco Evenepoel/Remco Evenepoel’s one-man training camp.

Remco Evenepoel’s one-man training camp.

Word out of Deceuninck-Quick-Step is that Remco Evenepoel will do a one-man training camp this month on Spain’s Costa Blanca. 

However, that’s an overstatement. There will be a few team staff members with the 20 year old Belgian star helping him with this and that, sport-wise. 

We say if he wants to truly recover from injuries and set himself up for big wins next year, then it’s one man and nobody else. Lose the staff, Remco!

Come on, Remco should clean his own bike and make any mechanical adjustments. Pump up your own tires. 

He should prepare his own breakfast, pack his own lunches and cook his own dinners — peeling the veggies, searing the steak, lay out the forks and knives and folding the napkins so they look nice. 

One man training camp? Step up the the plate, my friend. Do your own dishes and wash your own clothes.  

Staff? You don’t need no stinking staff. A one-man training camp is about true-self sufficiency. This is like Old Lance Armstrong in the month before the Tour, going into Elevated Monk Status. 

You dedicate yourself and take a vow of winning, baby. 

How about he does his own self-massage after those hard training rides?

You have to make your own conversation around the dinner table at night. “Remco, how you feeling?” “I’m great, Remco, how are you doing?” “Remco, how about a glass of wine?” “Why certainly, Remco, that’s a fine idea.” (Marco Pantani loved to take about himself in the third person.)

How about Remco does his own self-talk instead of calling the team sports psychologist for a boost of confidence? At the one man training camp, you make up your own sports mantras. 

Fill your own water bottles, my friend.

You’re a one-man wracking ball on the bike. We know that — you won four stages races in 2020 before you crashed and before the pandemic put everyone in lock-down. 

One man training camps are how the hard man becomes harder than steel or diamonds or strange substances from outer space. 

You make your own bed, tell your own bedtime story, dream your own dream. That’s how winners roll.

Those big trains camps with half the team, a dozen support staff and gaggle of journalists — that’s soft. It’s a social club. 

That is not the road to victory. One man, one man on a bike and yes, a one-man training camp. 

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