Rasmussen wants 5.6 million euros. A Mexican tycoon.

//Rasmussen wants 5.6 million euros. A Mexican tycoon.

Rasmussen wants 5.6 million euros. A Mexican tycoon.

Whereabouts? Like where's my millions of euros?

5.6 million euros goes a long way in Mexico. That buys you a mansion on a beach with a cook, driver, servants and two sexy teenage girls to detail your race bike. That pile of euros gets you the Porsche turbo, a top class Mercedes and the swimming pool. Life would be mucho fantastic.

5.6 million euros is what Michael Rasmussen is asking for in damages from his former Rabobank team for booting him out of the 2007 Tour de France — a race he was almost surely set to win.

“I can now show what the impact of that decision has been in the long run,” he said, according to De Telegraaf. “As Tour winner I could have signed a contract worth millions for several years. We demand more than 5.6 million euro.”

5.6 million euros will also make Rasmussen’s Mexican wife exceedingly pleased. Back in November, the Dane claimed that the reason he had lied about his whereabouts before the 2007 Tour was not that he was trying to avoid UCI dope testing — no, he was lying to cover his tracks with his wife.

“It’s that my wife would like to think I was in Mexico,” he told the Danish daily Ekstra Bladet. “I was in Italy, but I did not stay at home. It gave me some peace to find a way out.”

Well, a court in Arnhem is set to rule for Rasmussen or Rabobank on May 25th. We’ll see if the former Dancing With The Stars contestant waltzes away with the 5.6 million.

A lower court in Denmark has already agreed with his contention that the team knew exactly where he was and therefore had no reason to sack him. However, that court only awarded a measly 150,000 euros — hardly enough to live a life of riches and privileged in Mexico.

The leader of the Christina Watches Onfone squad is currently down in Argentina. No, he’s not there to take tango lessons for a return gig on Dancing with the Stars. He’s racing the Tour de San Luis.

He’s also looking for that one last, big score. Those 5.6 million euros.

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  1. mikeb_sa January 24, 2012 at 11:38 pm - Reply

    Matt, spell checker doesn't always catch the type "O's" does it?
    "…is wet to rule for Rasmussen or Rabobank on May 25th"??? I am sure that they are really excited to make the ruling but wet??? LOL

    Anyway just letting you know that your faithful fans have got your late night editorial back.

    • Franck January 25, 2012 at 1:07 am - Reply

      Not YET wet but wait a little longer it could happen.

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