Radio Shack’s LeQuatre launches attack, fashion line at Paris-Tours

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Radio Shack’s LeQuatre launches attack, fashion line at Paris-Tours

Lequatre takes on the athletic fashion world.

Frenchman Geoff LeQuatre of Radio Shack was on the attack in Paris-Tours. Fashionably so.

Not just because he was trying to win on the wide and beautiful Avenue de Grammont. No, he knew victory would quadruple sales of his new signature sporting gear, casual wear and accessories. Internet sales bump at Lequatre’s, folks.

Jeff LeFour as we like to call him, just launched his new line of sporting apparel and there’s nothing like a big win to bring in the customers. Sadly, it appears that LeSquare’s old line of umbrellas have not made the final product line-up.

Geoff went full gas, total petrol, 100 gazoil on the new course addition, the Côte de Beau-Soleil, and carved out an 18 second lead that he held until the final 400 meters. He’d made the bold fashion and sporting move but it was the sprinters who finished the race off.

Spain’s Oscar Freire took a stylish (working the fashion metaphors) win over Angelo Furlan (Lampre-Farnese Vini) and Gert Steegmans of Team Radioshack — who’s finally recovered from being carried away by a whirlwind.

In any case, LeQuatre looked good and, like American George Hincapie, now has a complete line of cycling athletic gear. The inspiration behind G4? “Live like an avant-garde athlete.” Not sure what the avant garde means other than crossing the line first.

In what may simply be a sloppy French translation, the G4 website homepage promises that Lequatre “based the brand on his real experiences, on profound research and on feelings with philosophy.” Personally, we like our feelings with catsup.

Anyone who missed the original LeQuatre site with its strange sixties style dayglo multicolored human brain will be pleased that the Frenchmen still has visions of grandeur. “G4 was born under the wings of a genius. More than a simple brand, G4 reveals the development of Geoffroy’s unique universe. Lequatre is suitable to everyone.”

Does George Hincapie have a winged genius with a unique vision? Have to ask Big George himself. Twisted Spoke has spent over 20 years crafting advertising for everything from beef jerky to surfing shorts. We are a master of puffery and the skillful readjustment of the truth.

However we bow down to LeQuatre’s idiosyncratic product descriptions, gems like “While seeking liberty, mental peace and physical well-being, G4 simply provides long-lasting delight in life.” You may already be asking yourself why your existing cycling socks are not providing you with delight in life itself. Maybe your socks are only provide short moments of eurphoria followed by long periods of disenchantment.

By the way, are Radio Shack fashion mogul Johan Bruyneel and Geoff sitting in the team bus trading sketchpads, design inspirations and ideas on where to source micro-fiber in Malaysia? Twisted Spoke thinks Johan has the early lead in tee-shirt styles but watch out for Geoff LeFour.

Only the Europeans are able to pull off that silly masquerade mask Eyes Wide Shut kinda thing, but check out LeQuatre’s tee-style. There’s something charming and loopy about it. We were already a fan of the Frenchmen’s unique sense of style on his umbrellas. Now, we’re ready to slip on his bib-shorts, jerseys and t-shirts.

Maybe it’s time for all of us to enter the G4dimension. As LeQuatre says himself, “Take the power, imagine your future and change the upcoming events. Your answer is hidden somewhere…. in the near future.”

What fool would disagree?

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