Radio Shack’s Horner done for year but not done yet.

//Radio Shack’s Horner done for year but not done yet.

Radio Shack’s Horner done for year but not done yet.

Horner, Tourmalet, 2010 TDF.

Chris Horner’s season came to an abrupt end. At least it’s not the final end point for the 39 year old pro from Bend, Oregon.

The blot clot in this lungs that developed as an after effect of his hard crash in the Tour de France effectively terminated his race calendar. No US Pro Cycling Challenge in the high mountains of Colorado.

That’s not to say he doesn’t have a big challenge ahead of him: in late August he’ll be marrying his long-term girlfriend. We wish him well and with his terrific sense of humor, he’ll be well-equipped to handle the emotional ups and downs of marriage.

While he won’t be racing up the Rockies with his Radio Shack team, he will attend his Cascade Gran Fondo on August 18th. That’s a fun ride with a fun guy.

Twisted Spoke is thrilled to hear that Radio Shack has renewed his contract for another two years. This means that one of the funniest men in the peloton, a man even more quotable then Jens Voigt, will still be in action.

It will be our distinct pleasure to watch Horner, at the ripe old yet still fast age of 40, tackle the Tour of California again and perhaps aim for a podium at the Tour de France when almost everyone else has retired. Radio Shack physiologist Allen Lim calls it “old man diesel power” and nobody has a better Mercedes engine than Horner.

Right now he’s on a six month course of blood thinners but nothing, not even a blood clot and the big Four-Oh, will keep Horner from racing his bike another year or two. Chapeau to Horner and the electronic gizmo sponsors.

Addendum: we interviewed Horner for our upcoming story on the Basque fans at the 2011 Tour de France for Cyclesport magazine’s post-tour issue. Horner is a huge supporter of the Basques.


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  1. Higgins August 19, 2011 at 12:21 pm - Reply

    Chris Horner is a legend and rightly so, along with Voight he makes the sport more accessible, and for me represents the rider who has massive talent but doesnt relinquish his humanity for sporting success. I would trade 10 Contadors for 1 Horner.

  2. Higgins August 19, 2011 at 12:21 pm - Reply

    Voigt !

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