Rabobank spy infiltrates Cervelo training camp in Canary Islands.

//Rabobank spy infiltrates Cervelo training camp in Canary Islands.

Rabobank spy infiltrates Cervelo training camp in Canary Islands.

Call security -- there's an Orange man among us.

Chaos and confusion reigned at the Canary Island Cervelo training camp. In what appeared to be a serious security breach, rival ProTour team Rabobank succeeded in placing a mole within the Cervelo team. A brazen move that brought the spy into close contact with Cervelo operations, training plans and proprietary technology.

The shocking development was all the more amazing considering the rider in question was wearing a bright Rabobank jersey that made no secret of his allegience. The spy even succeeded in joining the team for training camp photos and was only exposed when the photographer asked “the rider in the orange jersey” to move closer in.

Cervelo directeur sportif Alex Sans Vega was at a loss to explain how a rider wearing a bright orange and blue jersey could slip so effortlessly into the group of white and black clad riders. “It is unbelievable. Perhaps our sunglasses are too heavily tinted,” said Vega.

Cycling experts also noted that the women’s Cervelo team was also training with the men’s team. A distraction that may have permitted the Rabo spy to move freely without notice. “Sure, it’s a possibility. The boys were excited, obviously. We let our guard down,” Vega said, clearly perplexed.

Hotel security personal forcibly escorted the rider and his bike off the premises when it was revealed that the alleged undercover agent was in fact new Cervelo hire Theo Bos, a Dutchman who spent last year with Rabobank. Bos promised to get rid of his old Rabo jersey and change immediately.

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