Pozzato and the Zen of wheel sucking.

//Pozzato and the Zen of wheel sucking.

Pozzato and the Zen of wheel sucking.

Only God can say I suck wheels.

After admitting that he picked the wrong wheel of good fortune in Melbourne during the World Championship road race, Filippo Pozzato took some serious heat.

Belgian Björn Leukemans got up in Pozzato’s grill and flat out denounced Master P for sitting on wheels.

“After my attack on the penultimate lap, we were in a group of six. Why didn’t Filippo Pozzato work with us? If he had done so, we could have gone. Now he has nothing,” Nothing not being the goal of the race.

Fast forward one week, a bout of jet lag and Paris-Tours and it’s still the same story. The Italian sucking, making slurping noises and ticking off other riders. This time it was last year’s winner Philippe Gilbert.

I tried in the côte de l’Epan but I stopped my effort when I had Pozzato on my wheel. It seems to be his speciality to make other riders lose. Two years ago, he rode against Boonen, now apparently I am his new target. It’s his way of riding,” said Gilbert.

We believe the Omega Drugo Lotto and Quick Step teams ride on Contis so that would indicate it’s Pozatto’s favorite rubber flavor. Possible Continental tire marketing slogan: “the tires top riders prefer to suck.” Just the opinion of a seasoned advertising professional.

For a man with a huge backside tattoo that says “only God can judge me,” Pozzato has plenty of judges and detractors. Now, there’s nothing wrong with wheel sucking — sometimes it’s a tactically brilliant and necessary part of a race and every champion from Eddy Merckx on down has done it countless times. Still, you don’t want a reputation and Pippo now has the official designation.

So in Pozzato’s honor we direct you to a fine piece of writing on the Zen art of wheel sucking. Pippo take note.

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  1. Ricola October 10, 2010 at 11:58 pm - Reply

    hahahahah another lovely post! The art of wheel sucking Zen hyperlink is a must-read for the TwistedSpoke readers who ride themselves. Everybody is a sucker once in a while — either to rest after a chase or because the rider upfront just goes too fast to take the lead and start to pull yourself. Hahahh a must-read! Thnx Matt!

    • walshworld October 11, 2010 at 8:07 am - Reply

      Thanks Ricola, always a pleasure to hear from regular readers. By the way, if there’s a story out there that you think TS should write something on, let me know. Always looking for ideas. Matt

  2. goober b. davis April 2, 2011 at 4:08 pm - Reply

    Pozzato is the ultimate in eurofag. He's a wheel suck that does nothing good for the sport.

    • TwistedSpoke April 2, 2011 at 6:16 pm - Reply

      Goober, thanks for writing in. He does like oiling up his body for a photo-shoot. But hey, if I had his body at 53, I'd be greasing it up. The wheel suck is a delicate art that everybody practices, a necessity and time honored skill. Mr. P will have to get better at it. Matt

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