Popovych rides on without computer. Fed failure?

//Popovych rides on without computer. Fed failure?

Popovych rides on without computer. Fed failure?

Popo a go-go.

What happened to the computer the Feds seized?

Were they just a PC down back at the government offices and thought since they were raiding Yaroslav Popovych’s house, they might as well make up the deficit? “Here, Marcela, I know it’s not a new computer like we promised, we got it off a pro cyclist, pay no attention to the coded emails.”

Sometimes God and cycling justice work in mysterious ways. We’re not making a point for or against Popovych’s guilt or innocence, only that much noise was made about authorities searching his house and confiscating his computer. Just another reason, by the way, to also own an ipad so you’re still good to go. Lance would never be dumb enough to just have one computer. The tweets must go on!

When Popovych was in Texas for his famous teammate Lance Armstrong’s charity ride, the Feds staked him out and hit him with a subpeona while the Ukrainian was walking to his car. That was a fabulous TV moment and we’re so disappointed it’s not a Youtube video. Even Lance and Johan were a little worried with the aggressive tactics.

Now, nothing, peep-less-ness, the great dull void. Not being a lawyer, we have to ask the dumb questions? So, nothing in that computer now that you’ve had it all Summer and Fall? Is Popovych that good with passwords? Can’t you find one of those old guys from WWII who cracked the German code? Really? No?

Sure, you can save the good stuff to use in your case against the Boss but how about a  little tidbit to decide whether Yaroslav keeps riding? Is there no justice along the way or is Popovych clean as a whistle? Can we have an official announcement? No tidbits, sorry, free to ride, our bad. Popo deserves that, by the way, being the loyal, hardworking guy he is.

It just makes you think the Feds are fools and failures, grasping at straws and personal computers. Like you seize a computer just hoping, on the outside chance, because it’s standard operating procedure.

Popovych rides on, getting ready to support Fabian Cancellara in the cobbled classics. The Federal authorities have his personal computer but not much of value. Chapeau goes to … ?

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  1. Mana February 6, 2012 at 9:42 am - Reply

    The ptucire of you and Lance is absolutely lovely and you are absolutely adorable and inspirationally amazing in your own right. I think it is truly awesome what you and Eddie's Angels have done in raising funds and awareness for cancer. I can imagine once again, your Father running around all over Heaven with the ptucire of you and Lance saying…*Look here, that's MY daughter WITH Lance Armstrong! Isn't she just the best girl in the world!" Congratulations on another triumphant ride 🙂

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